03 June 2008

Indiana Jones Review

Well, I did see Indiana Jones on the weekend. Overall I enjoyed it and would recommend people to see it. If you're a fan of the character and previous movies then you won't be disappointed. My only issues with the movie were minor. I found the story moved REALLY fast and seemed to be just one over the top action sequence to the next. Harrison Ford seems ageless in this role. He puts the hat on and just becomes Indy, when he's not in the Indy clothes he looks his age.

The movie has amazing effects which is no shock considering Lucas pretty is the master at that. The story is pretty much a typical Indiana style story. On the big screen it's a fun movie and one with a lot of humor and action. It's a nice finish to the character and possibly a launch pad for the Indy junior to take on the role of Indy...which I kind of hope doesn't happen due to there only being one true Indy (Harrison Ford).

On a personal note, I am excited for the weekend....It's BIRTHDAY MONTH!!! June 10, 2008!!! Now the bad part, 35!! :( heheheh.......Tomorrow I'll explain birthday month!! :)

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