23 June 2008

George Carlin RIP

This weekend George Carlin passed away. I can't say I am a huge fan of his, but a guy that devoted his life to humor and making people laugh seems pretty cool in my books. I've always admired comedians for their ability to see humor in every day life. I can't tell a joke very well at all and I can totally see comedy as a skill. Much like photography, comedy requires a commitment to learning the craft.
I think Carlin was highly intelligent. Today on the radio he was talking about the difference between baseball and football. How in football they have downs, baseball it's about "who's up", football they play in the rain, snow and mud no matter what the weather, in baseball they won't play if it rains....he goes on and on and breaks it down in a way most people would never look at. People like that make our world a better place to live in.
I was also watching some of the muppet show on the weekend. There is another sad story, Jim Henson. I read about his death and how he believed in Christian Science. That is one sad set of beliefs to have. Henson avoided going to the doctor for help because of his beliefs. When he finally went to a doctor it was too late for him and his organs failed and he died. If he had gone only 2 hours earlier he would be alive today most likely. It's sad how a creative mind and person like that was lost to what I believe to be misguided beliefs. I can't see how God wouldn't want his people to have medical attention if they were sick. How can Christian Science call themselves Christian when even in the bible it tells how Jesus, aka Christ, healed people and tended to the sick and dying. It just goes to show how success, fame and money in this world are nothing in the end......

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George Carlin died ? Awww that is sad !!