04 June 2008

Birthday Month

For many years now I have been a believer in Birthday Month...it's quite simple really. It's the month you have your birthday. So mine is June and as soon as June arrives it's birthday month. My rules for birthday month are pretty flexible, but it just means that you should get your way if it's birthday month. Example: Lets say you're going to watch a movie, if it's a person's birthday month they get to pick the movie, or place to eat, or have 1st choice for pretty much anything. So even after your birthday you still get to call birthday month...it's sweet because it extends the whole birthday mania beyond just the one day. I've tried extending it to birthday year but that hasn't been very welcomed by those who love me, even birthday month gets frowns from my dearly beloved wife. hehehehe.

Well, it's fun to have silly things like birthday month. Sadly birthday month is not going very well...I'm tired and feeling VERY ill this morning. My head hurts like I am getting sick and I feel like a zombie. It's going to be a VERY LONG day....Hope to get better for the weekend.

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