30 May 2008

Friday is here June is kicking down the door.

The weather is cloudy and there has been some rain. I love how fresh everything is, the air smells and feels so clean. The colours also look so rich after it rains or during a storm. It is also nice and cool as well making me want to just stay in bed. I am really looking forward to the weekend and time with Jenn. I can't believe June has arrived.
Before I know it I will be waking up with entire days to enjoy working on the house, exploring the world with my 70-200mm lens :). I hope Jenn and I can make it this weekend to see the new Indiana Jones flick. Those movies really are classics...gotta love Ford flicks, even if he is a senior citizen....he can rock it as Dr.Jones.

Last night when I got home from Edmonton I saw it had rained in Vegreville. So I busted out my 70-200 and snapped a few shots of our tree by our driveway. There were some drops of rain coming off the buds on the branches. I zoomed in close and loved how the bokeh looked with the shallow dof. I snapped a few shots and just loved how the lens captures details and blurs the background. I got them on photoshop and did some small adjustments but they were mostly taken and posted as they were taken. I did see a blackbird on my trip back but didn't get the best distance from the bird. I really love seeing them on my drive to work. The Redwinged Blackbirds give me hope and inspire me. Seeing how they faithfully guard their nests and fight off predators makes me feel like I can do anything.

I really love how nature teaches and inspires. When I was driving to work this week I saw a small blackbird fighting off a raven that was most likely trying to get it's eggs. Just the size difference between the birds made it look as if the small bird would not stand a chance. However the small bird was so aggressive in it's defense of the nest and it shows that size didn't matter in this case. The heart of the small bird, doing his best to defend his mate and those precious eggs, is what won and the raven flew off. It just spoke to me that life has all kinds of attacks, all kinds of things that try and break us down. I look at that bird and if I can live my life with that much heart and boldness of character then I will be VERY happy. :)

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